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We have been providing professional dog care in Zurich-Seefeld and the surrounding area since 2008. Whether a day or vacation stay, your dog can expect long walks, play and fun in the dog pack.

The natural pack instinct is the right basis for a happy and harmonious relationship. Well-socialized dogs are much more fun.

The meeting point for dog handover is Tiefenbrunnen station from 8.00 - 8.30 am and in the evening from 4.45 - 5.15 pm. On request, we can also offer our customers other locations for dog handovers.

We spend up to 5 hours a day in nature. Our care dogs spend the whole day with us in the pack. We walk, play, eat and rest all together in the group. In the day pack, 8 dogs are accepted per employee, vacation places are limited to 4 dogs per employee. Regularity is mandatory with us, your dog must be in the pack at least 1 day a week.


Day dogs (from 24 months)

drop off and pick up at our locations

85.- per day (excl. food)


Day dogs (from 24 months)

pick up or bring home (Seefeld / Zollikon / K√ľsnacht)

90.- per day (excl. food)

other locations surcharge between 10.- and 20.-


Puppy and young dog care

- 6 months 120.- per day (excl. food)

- 12 months 110.- per day (excl. food)

- 24 months 100.- per day (excl. food)


Vacation care                    

Regular customers (from 24 months) 100.

New customers (from 24 months) 120.

Public holidays + 20.- per day


Further information

Unneutered dogs

+ 10.- per day

Chemical castration

+ 5.- per day


Vacation care for young dogs up to 24 months on request


All prices are exclusive of 8.1 % VAT.


Our team

Customer testimonials

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    I thank pack leader Joe infinitely for his trust in Peluche!....
  • Ursula September 3, 2022
    Dear Dogsitting and Training Team Marco has been looking after LeRoy for years...
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    Dear Pascal and team I would like to say thank you again for...
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    How time flies...Louis has already been a weekly...
  • Cornelia December 6, 2021
    Ronja has been going to the pack regularly for three months now from...
  • Regula August 25, 2021
    Dingo has been looked after by Joe for around a year and a half. He...
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    Pascal spotted our missing Lea and immediately recognized what...


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